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Thursday:04.19.07 | 12.47 am
EBSCOHost is a collection of lameosity. I can't find a single article for White Noise. All it comes up with is weird scientific blather and stuff about the movie. And searching for Delillo only brings up articles he wrote.

I hope JStor actually has some shit, or the Library carries some articles, because if not? I am so very screwed.

::has a meltdown:: I haaaaate this.

So this isn't a total whinefest, Ayla linked me to this a week or two back: Alanis Morrisette wins so hard.
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Sunday:02.11.07 | 11.56 am
[ mood | geeky ]

Happy Birthday to the ever fabulous pandemoniachick. MAY YOU BE SHOWERED WITH HOT NEKKID BOYS UNF UNF UNF

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Monday:03.13.06 | 5.30 pm
birthday [
Happy Birthday to chocochick! Now you, me and Ayla can go drinking....in Canada. >_>
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Friday:12.20.02 | 10.46 am
Oops. ¬_¬ [
[ mood | blah ]

Um, I don't remember my alarm going off. Maybe it did, and I just chose to ignore it, or I had forgotten to set it to 6:20. When you're half asleep, sometimes you forget to do that.

I hope my mom won't be pissed that I didn't go to school. I had woken up at 7:10, and my bus had left a half hour before. What was I supposed to do, walk the 2 miles to school? I don't think so. And it was going to be a do nothing day anyway. I just have to figure out what I missed, and somehow obtain a copy of Fahrenheit 451 and finish reading it.

Well, it's safe to say I'm officially on vacation. Yay. I have to restart FFX within the next day or so. ::overkills everything::

Oh, and PC already mentioned this, but due to inactivity, we're now accepting members to The Ruloi Collective, our cheesy little fanfic review community. If you think you wanna join, go read the rules. WOO!

::flies out a window, E. Honda style::

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Sunday:01.20.02 | 12.27 pm
Why do I keep stealing off of Rydia, you ask? I suck, that's why! [
Which FFs have you played? FF4, about 2 hours of FF5, FF6, FF7, a bit of FF8, FF9, FF10

Which ones have you beat more than once? FF4, FF6, FF7

Favorite Final Fantasy over all? FF6

Final Fantasy that you could play over and over?! FF10! It's soooo addicting!

Final Fantasy with best Music? FF6

Final Fantasy with best Graphics? FF10, duh!

Final Fantasy with best Sidequests? FF6 I suppose!

Final Fantasy with best magic system? FF6 - it was actually a big part of the story

Final Fantasy with best Character designs? FF6

Final Fantasy with best beginning movie?: FF8

Final Fantasy with the best moogles: probably 9, can't remember

Final Fantasy with best ending movie: FF8

Final Fantasy with best airship: FF4 - the Whale was cool!

Best Female character? Umm.... Lulu?

Best male character? Locke ^_^

Coolest villain? Keffy-sama

Lamest villain? Exdeath - Oh come on! He looks like a tree!

Best summon to kick some ass with: Jinn(aka - Ifrit)

Best summon to look at and think ooo! Pretty! Phoenix. And Ixion from 10.

The most boring part in any Final Fantasy: Levelling, oi!

Something you named one of your people that still makes you giggle: I don't know....

Female character you wish would have DIED a slow and horrible death? Dominique - ok, she's actually from The Bouncer
but close enough!

Male Character you wish would have DIED a slow and horrible death? Steiner!

Crappiest Final Fantasy couple: Laguna x Squall - Yaoi incest.... Iwww!

Best Final Fantasy couple: Uh, Locke and Celes? Terra and Edgar? I don't know! I DON'T KNOW!

Best looking female Character? Ummm... Celes?

Best looking male Character? Sephiroth! He's sexy in pixels!

Crappiest female character design: Garnet

Crappiest male character design: Zidane - whoever designed the characters for 9 should be taken out and shot!

Whos got the coolest fuzzy jacket?! umm... Squall? Who else has a fuzzy jacket???

Did you think it was odd that in the INNs of FF4 there were a bunch of beds yet they all slept in the same one? Nah, I just figured they were having a five-some

Ever stop and wonder When do these people use the bathroom? Indeed. Also, why don't they change their clothes?

Do you find yourself yelling at the TV when you play? Yup. On occasion I've actually thrown the controller at the screen ^_^;

Whos the best Cid?! FF7

Doesnt Sephiroth have a cute butt? Like I said, he's sexy in pixels!

ADMIT IT! You read Final Fantasy fan fiction every time you get on the computer dont you?! ...........Yeah, you got me!

Is Laguna Squalls daddy? I think so.

Was Kefka really just misunderstood? I don't think he was hugged as a child.....

Does Barret look like Mr. T? Yeah! And inspecta collect says to defeat the evil Shinra!

Did you inbreed your chocobos in FF7 you sicko?! Maybe

Did you beat FF6/3 with just Edgar, Celes, and Setzer? Nope. I always get the whole gang.

Do you even know what Im talking about? I wonder if Sabin is still holding up that house.....

Did you ever get EVERY SINGLE item in FF6 without cheating? No, but my obssessive compulsive brother probably did.

Do you use strategy guides to help you though the whole game, dont even try to do it by yourself? I only use stradegy guides for those annoying impossible-to-do-otherwise sidequests!

Was FF1 a pain in the ass or what? I played 10 minutes of FF1. I went into the witches hut. I got stuck in the witches hut. I got angry and threw the contoller across the room. Does that answer your damn question???

Have you ever turned in a school paper that was talking about Final Fantasy or the characters? No. But had I been in school friday for my english portfolio presentation, I would have read a paragraph from the FF6 novelization I'm writing...

Do you have a Final Fantasy AIM/MSN/Yahoo Screen name?! Sorta.

When was the last time you played Final Fantasy? Last night.

Nowwasnt that fun? I guess.
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